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Brochure Design across various sectors for a specialist workwear supplier with over 150 years heritage

Brochure Design and Print for Wm Sugdens in Wakefield
Founded in 1869 in Cleckheaton, Wm Sugden & Sons have a long and fascinating history of manufacturing and supplying uniform and workwear to the military and emergency services.
They were acquired by Double Two Shirtmakers in 1969 and have since shared facilities in Wakefield. 
Whilst Double Two focus on shirts and clothing for the consumer market, Sugdens operates as the corporate arm, focusing on Workwear and Emergency Services clothing.
We were first tasked with the design and print of brochures to showcase the range of Ambulance and Responder uniform that Sugdens supply. 
The brochure is designed to be shown to individually operated Ambulance and First Responder organisations and was used at an industry relevant trade show as well as in Sugden’s ongoing marketing activities.
The initial design included a print run but we also supplied the brochure as an online digital version, which we have periodically made edits and added to as their offering has changed slightly since the print run.
Since the success of the Ambulance and Responder brochure we were then asked to compile a brochure, both for print and digitally of the company’s Security uniform – a new range that was launched to market with the brochure been sent out to distributors in the private security sector.
We were honoured to be given the task of presenting Sugden’s product range in a visually appealing way that showcased the different key features offered by each item of clothing.
A task that’s by no means an easy feat, started with a spreadsheet of a list of products. Our design team then had to work out the best layout to fit products together and work out how many pages it would take, particularly to ensure there was an even amount of pages for a print run!
To be involved with such an historic company, using our design skills to present their products in an appealing way, keeping the Sugdens name relevant in the modern era has been a real honour for us and we hope the partnership continues to flourish.
Please also see the design work and marketing support we’ve provided for the B2C arm of the company, Double Two.
Brochure Design and Print for Wm Sugdens in Wakefield | Uniform and Workwear
Brochure Design and Print for Wm Sugdens in Wakefield | Uniform and Workwear
Brochure Design and Print for Wm Sugdens in Wakefield