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Brochure Design and Marketing Support for a Manufacturing Heritage Fashion Brand...

Brochure Design in Wakefield
Based in Wakefield, Double Two Shirtmakers are well renowned with a rich heritage that stretches far beyond the UK. Famed throughout the decades since their formation in 1940, Double Two led the way with many innovative technologies and were often seen at the forefront of their industry. 
Historically one of Wakefield’s largest employers, the brand name may have floated under the radar in more recent times, but the company have maintained a dedicated customer base and a grip on the wholesale market, having also manufactured garments on behalf of many other clothing stores over the years.
Following the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we were called in to help fill a hole in their decimated marketing team and arrest a slump in sales on their direct to consumer website. 
From kickstarting marketing efforts that had ground to a halt, with email marketing and social media marketing in particular, sales gradually began to rise.
Our MD, Ric Hopwood stayed on to help integrate a new marketing team and gradually stepped back to a supporting role, advising and covering areas the new marketing staff weren’t yet up to speed with.
Stepping away from that marketing consultancy role with a marketing team fully in place, we continued to support the company with the design and printing of a new wholesale brochure for the company’s core shirt collection.
It’s not easy to communicate a companies products in a way that accurately depicts styles and colour availability, lists features and gets across everything that needs to be said.. and doing this for a wholesale market demands different needs than the way you’d try to sell a ‘look’ to a consumer for example.
A lot of work went in to designing the layout and accurately matching colour swatches whilst having the actual shirts physically in front of us to get a feel for the colours and different fabric properties.
Back and forth reviews took place between ourselves and the team at Double TWO.
We then worked with our trusted print provider to arrange printing and delivery just in time for the company’s appearance at a major industry trade show!
Please also see the design work we’ve produced for the Corporate arm of the company, Wm Sugdens.
Brochure Design in Wakefield