Proud to become an official EKM Partner!

We are delighted to be an official EKM partner.

If you’re looking at ways of starting your own online store, we can help. And we can do so backed by EKM’s ease of use, selling platform.

There are many ways to build a website. We’re experts at creating an array of WordPress based websites for our clients. It’s a strong and reliable platform on which to run a website. But we have an ever increasing amount of clients who want something that is so easy for them and their staff to run. Something where they can easily see and process their orders, manage their stock levels and confidently manage their online store themselves.

EKM offer an unrivalled package for all those wanting to sell their products online, offering everything you’ll ever need to run an online store, rivalling what the big online retailers have.

With an easy to use back office, the ability to link to Ebay, to offer discounts, coupons and promotions, stock management, to easily integrate with and offer a variety of payment solutions, there’s no end to the benefits available to an online retailer using the EKM platform.

They also offer their own ready to go, online store templates and are UK based to offer excellent support. To be fair, dare we say, you could even set up and do it all without us!

But we know you’re a busy business owner with not much time on your hands to do something you don’t have much knowledge of. That’s where we do come in.

We know the platform inside out, so if you do want an online store and decide this is the platform for you, it’s one we can help you with.

We’ve worked with business owners just like you, who may have already worked with online stores that run on Magento or WordPress and being confused by the process of creating and uploading products. Well the EKM solution has been the answer to many of these business owner’s prayers.

We’ve set them up on the platform and built the site using the templates EKM offer. Adapting and modifying the templates to create something a little more custom built. We’ve used our knowledge of your customer market to put ourselves in their mind set, creating a user friendly experience. We’ve supplied the product photography, wrote the descriptions and worked on the search engine optimisation of EKM powered websites and we’d love to help you too.

For those that still don’t have the time once their online store is set up, we also offer long term website management services.

There’s a monthly fee charged by EKM for use of its software, but the software you have access to is absolutely everything you’ll ever need to ensure your site remains functional, up to date, and is secure and safe for your customers to use and trust.

If you take out an EKM package with us, an official EKM Partner, you’ll also receive your first month FREE.

With everything you’ll ever need to sell online integrated into one online platform, supported by ourselves and the team at EKM, what are you waiting for?

For more information on building an ecommerce website that’s right for you, please get in touch with us to explore the options in detail, with no obligations.

We’ll also be able to give you your first month free on the EKM platform!

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