Being There from the Start – Continuous Business Support

I’d like to let you in on a secret…

Our two newest projects are my most favourite yet! They are the first two new clients since the re-brand and they herald some of the biggest and most original work we’ve had the pleasure of being involved with in a long time.

That’s not to say the other projects we’ve taken on haven’t been amazing. But every once in a while a project can come along that truly engrosses you. It pulls you in in such a way that it’s hard to tear yourself away from.

Way past office hours, the kids have gone to bed and you find yourself turning on the laptop, adding that great idea you’ve just had to the design work. Before you know it, it’s way past your bed time and you’re struggling to tear yourself away!

And you know what I’ve discovered? I love being involved from the start! The two big projects we have on the go right now are both new businesses.

They both need the lot. From branding to website design to marketing support and everything in between!

There’s something really refreshing and exciting about being involved at the very start and helping to shape the business from scratch.

Working closely with the client, there has been no stone left unturned.

  • We’ve researched competitors (it’s good to know what you’re up against).
  • We’ve set up the basics – the initial designs, web domain and email addresses – that are allowing our client to go out and begin building up interest ahead of launch.
  • We’ve set about designing the branding – more than just a logo design, this is the whole brand concept and strategy, the colour scheme and even the business name for one of the clients!
  • We’re now fully engrossed in putting together a website to be proud of!

And you know what? We hope the project never ends! After the website design is complete there’s still so much potential. From website management to marketing support, we hope our clients will continue to lean on us as their businesses grow and develop.

You see the thing is, I’m as excited about these businesses as our clients. When you truly love something, it becomes part of you. Not just another client or another project but something that feels part of you. You’re no longer Hopwood Creative, you’re the clients company!

Many of our clients came to us for one thing and have stayed with us long term. It might be an exciting business re-branding, a new website design, a new direction for the company, or even, as with these two projects, a completely new business.

There’s always something extra exciting about being there at the start, no matter what that start is!

Whatever the scale of the project, it’s this passion that we love to have here at Hopwood Creative. We’re addicted to the feeling!

So whatever your vision, get in touch and share it. I want to hear all about it. If you’re passionate about it, chances are, I will be too!

design, marketing, copy writing

Ric Hopwood

Hopwood Creative

Your Partner in Business.

p.s .. I’ll tell you more about these new favourite projects very soon! ;-

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