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Website Design that puts an end to customer confusion...

Springcoil are a Spring Manufacturer based in Sheffield.
The issue they face is that they market to both consumers – with replacement suspension springs and lowering springs to motor enthusiasts – and to businesses in varying industries through manufacturing springs for all sorts of machinery!
The previous site looked very confusing to the end user – it tried to sell springs to the consumer, but struggled to also get across what Springcoil can do for Industries.
We ensured that when you land on the new site you instantly know who Springcoil are. The new site splits into two – as a consumer you can click your way instantly to what you’re looking for.
If you’re in an industry, you can click on your industry immediately and see the bits that appeal to you!
We continue to work with Springcoil, hosting and providing the essential maintenance of the website as well as supporting their design and marketing needs.
See the website for yourself at: springcoil.co.uk