Our Work

Helping to establish a brand identity for a fashion start-up...

Logo Design Milo and Bailey Fashion Brand

The company had a very simple brief – to design a logo to suit a surfboarding/skateboarding streetwear brand. The only thing clear at this stage was the chosen name – Milo & Bailey.

We began by researching other brands and the target demographic for this new company.


As part of the package, we designed a series of mock ups showing how the logo design might look on different clothing.

Our idea was that the logo would be simple and mostly text based. We also quickly decided that it shouldn’t always appear in the same colour.

We instead wanted the resulting logo design to adapt and evolve across different colour spectrums and backgrounds.

The ‘mountain wave’ design was created by hand with the aim that it could be seen as anything; a wave, a mountain, a hill, a shark’s fin perhaps?! But wither way a classic active symbol that can be used to quickly identify this new brand.

Brand Design Wakefield

When approached by a new fashion start-up, that was still at the planning stage, we were excited to be given the task of coming up with the brand logo and identity.

Brand Design Development Wakefield

From there, we began to work on a series of ideas and sat down with the business owner to decide on the right direction to pursue next.

We presented those initial ideas and gained feedback on our initial ideas.

We then went away and developed our designs, fine-tuning a winning concept that we knew would really work well for the client.

From initial logo design, we began to help develop the product range, developing a simple tag for some clothing items using the initials M & B. 

Our design and marketing support continued into helping the brand find ways to launch their product, devising mock ups to enable them to choose the right look for their clothing range and suggesting stockists and possible sales areas to focus on to generate initial interest in the brand.