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A website design that took us right back to our childhoods...

web design for a museum, Leeds and Wakefield
Childhood memories were evoked around the office as we undertook this project to create a unified online presence for a museum dedicated to the long running TV comedy.. Last of The Summer Wine.

The Last of The Summer Wine Exhibition is based in Holmfirth, in the location that was used as Compo’s house in the long running show. Visitors flock from all over to see the filming locations of the show around Holmfirth and visit the exhibition. The website also has a strong following from fans overseas who have fallen in love with the show!

It’s fair to say, the Exhibitions previous web presence was very higgledy piggledy! With a very basic, dated looking website for the museum and a link to a separate online shop that felt hard to find and navigate your way around.

We wanted to unify the two, accepting that overseas visitors were on the whole unlikely to ever make the pilgrimage to Holmfirth to see the museum, but are keen and dedicated enthusiasts who’ll happily view online and lap up items in the gift shop, we set about bringing a flavour of the exhibition to the online world and crafting a visitor experience that not only gives information on the museum but talks about the show as well.

It also helps people who will be visiting Holmfirth to plan their journey, embracing the other local ‘Last of The Summer Wine’ themed businesses and locations!
website design for a museum, Leeds and Wakefield
ecommerce web design for a museum, Leeds and Wakefield
See the website for yourself at: lastofthesummerwineexhibition.com