Charity Partnership

Proud to become Official Website Partner of WF3 Kindness

Set up in March to help residents of Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe, in Wakefield through the impacts of the Coronavirus, WF3 Kindness has recently acquired charity status.

Founder, Dan Frank set up the organisation to help the vulnerable and in need in the community, by helping with shopping, running errands and offering support to those in need.

After answering a plea for businesses who could support the charity, it soon became clear that we at Hopwood Creative could offer so much more than simply financial support.

After discussion between our Founder and MD, Ric Hopwood and Founder of WF3 Kindness, Dan Frank, we are pleased to have become the official website partner of WF3 Kindness.

This means we will provide web design & support, design and marketing services to WF3 Kindness as our ongoing donation to them to allow them to continue to grow and support those in need.

We will be adding lot’s of exciting features to their website to allow people to volunteer, donate and ask for support as well as supporting their social media and marketing activities.

Read the full news over on the WF3 Kindness website here