Celebrating Our Clients Success against Covid-19

The Coronavirus has certainly had a massive impact on many businesses.

Some business sectors have ground to a halt, unable to trade, the knock on effects of that have affected other service providers. For others, they are having to rapidly adapt to new ways of working, getting used to managing their whole team working from home.

We’re missing going out to see our clients in person but are continuing to work remotely. Our web design services have become even more in demand as we help businesses find new ways to operate.

And we’re seeing so much success from some of our clients at the moment. 

We really couldn’t be more happy for them, because that’s what its about for us. We count our clients as friends and we couldn’t be more proud to see them thriving!

Clients success:

Unprecedented Website Sales

One particular client, a fencing provider, had a website, designed and managed by us, prior to lockdown that was just ticking away steadily as an extra sales arm for them alongside their fitting work. When lockdown hit, they were placed brilliantly to see online orders go through the roof giving them unprecedented growth!

We’d set out a plan to grow the website for them but that plan has been quite literally torn up as they’ve already beaten this year’s online sales goal, and, as we write this, we’re not even halfway through the year.

Ebay Sales on the Increase

A manufacturer in Sheffield have limited workers in their factory, adhering to social distancing rules while fulfilling orders via an Ebay shop.

We’ve been busy adding more products and editing existing ones for them. With more and more people at home, with spare time on their hands, there’s been an increasing number of their customers, motor enthusiasts, shopping online for the essential parts needed to renovate and improve their cars.

Cleaning Supplies Boost

A cleaning supplies company who have utilised our printing services have seen demand really take off for their products!

Planning Time

We’re also seeing many business owners take this time to plan for the future and not only survive but thrive coming out of Covid-19.

We’ve been working closely with a business coach client, to set up free business support webinars and help to market them.

See some of the free online events, ActionCOACH Wakefield have planned here.

We regularly work with all types of businesses, and have seen all sides of the Coronavirus impact for those business owners. We have access to a HR Specialist and an Accountant, who can also give advice on navigating the impacts, applying for the latest funding and how to bring your employee’s back to work gradually when the lockdown eases.

If you’re in need of any assistance or support let us know and we’ll assist or point you in the right direction.

We’re all in this together.