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We create websites that solve your biggest problems.

It’s not just about being found on the web. A website is a valuable asset to your business, providing the means with which to showcase your work and promote your brand to a global audience.

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Website Design Wakefield, Web Hosting Leeds

Web Design Wakefield

It’s not just about a visually appealing website design. The website needs to work well too.

Many web designers think about the layout of a website and making it look great to your customers and of course, we do too.

But we also study your customer hard. We think about the copy that is written on the site, the content used and how it will affect the end-users buying decision. Be that a product they’ll be buying from your website, or a service you need them to enquire about, thinking of your customer is the first part of everything we do.

Website Design Wakefield
  • Your website will look good and function across all devices – over 80% of web users are now likely to view your site via mobile phone. We optimise for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.
  • Your Website will be designed with search engine optimisation in mind – ensuring your website gets ranked by Google.
  • We will put all your content together and can even write your copy to ensure your product or service is clearly described and appeals to its intended audience.
  • You will have full access to edit your own content in the future, write blog posts, add to your portfolio or add new products to an ecommerce site etc.
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WordPress Web Hosting & Website Care Plans

All websites need to be hosted somewhere and we offer some of the most reliable web hosting packages on the market. 

Hosting includes:

  • an all important SSL security certificate – an essential addition to a website to gain added security as well as the trust of search engines and your customers. 
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee – your website will almost certainly never be unviewable to your customers.
  • Daily Website Backups – Just in case your site did ever go down,  an attempted hacking, a failure to a wordpress plugin (see below) or a tweak to your content you’ve made that may have gone wrong (don’t worry, it happens!) In any of these cases we just roll the site back to the last time it was backed up.. no long term harm done!
  • The Hopwood Creative Business App, Real Time Reporting & Monthly Summaries – Your own client dashboard so you can monitor visitors to your website and the speed of your website in one place. We’ll automatically integrate your Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business page to ensure you can see all the stats that are relevant to you, without the jargon, all in one place. And as a premium web maintenance customer you’ll also know how fast we’re making your site and be able to keep track of all the important updates we’re making! You’ll also have access to Google Ads and SEO reporting if you take out those services with us.
  • Premium Care Plan Options – The majority of our clients websites are built using wordpress. It’s a powerful system that is used worldwide by many web designers and developers. To keep things in top shape, updates are regularly released to keep your website secure and performing well. As well as our basic hosting package, we offer additional regular servicing options to ensure your website is always on top of the latest updates, and less likely to break down

– Because you wouldn’t run a car without a regular MOT and service, would you?

Website Management

It’s not just about been found on the web. A website is a valuable asset to your business, providing the means with which to showcase your work and promote your brand to a global audience.

When was your website last updated? Are your prices up to date? Have you posted any latest news?

Search engines favour regularly updated websites, showing they are fresh and relevant. Do you have the time to spend doing this?

Your website is the place where your customer learns about your business. If they keep coming back and seeing the same things, it gets a bit repetitive don’t you think?

Power your business with your own website management team behind you!

website management in Wakefield and Leeds West Yorkshire

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Search Engine Optimisation

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Package is a long term strategy for you if you’re serious about showing up consistently on the first page of search results for terms that will get your business more customers.

Google Ads

We’re pleased to offer our clients fully managed Google Ads campaigns, built to attract customers for what you sell, in your target area – all for a price any small business can afford.

Web Design Wakefield & Web Hosting

Web Design Wakefield