So you have a great looking website? When was it last updated?

Are your prices up to date? Have you posted any latest news? Search engines favour regularly updated websites, showing they are fresh and relevant. Do you have the time to spend doing this?

From maintenance updates ensuring everything loads and works as it should, to contributing the content to keep your customers engaged with your website, clients trust us to keep their business active and relevant online.

Our website management services free you up to get on with running your business whilst we concentrate on your website.

Search engines favour websites that are regularly updated, so whether it’s a new case study, photo’s to upload of your latest work or a new product to sell, let us do the essential updates for you.

You can set us monthly tasks and control the hours you’d like us to spend working on your site.

Of course, a website isn’t all about what the customer see’s. There are lot’s of things that should be maintained under the bonnet too!

If you’ve had a wordpress site designed, for instance, did you know that plugins used to design the site quickly become outdated? This could leave your site vulnerable to hackers and under-performing in search results.

Our website management services will keep your website running effectively and, in addition we can also keep an eye on your search engine optimisation, looking at where you appear in Google and other search engines and giving your website the best possible chance to climb the rankings.

Google likes a website that gets updated regularly. And we don’t mean a layout change or re-design. Your website is the place where your customer learns about your business. If they keep coming back and seeing the same things, it gets a bit repetitive don’t you think?

Google thinks so too, along with all the other major search engines. When they crawl the pages of your website, looking for content that may be relevant to your customers, they favour the websites that have been the most recently updated. Updating your site regularly, adding a latest piece of news or your latest project, is a way of telling Google, the other major search engines and your customers, that you are still in business.

It’s a struggle though to find the time when you run your own business. You’re out quoting, paving driveways, fitting kitchens, you’re fixing customer’s cars, whatever it is you do, you’re going to want to spend your time on that!

You might not have a clue what you’re doing on a computer or it might plainly just be a lack of time left during your working hours, after all quality family time is a must too!

Having someone who can come in as a website manager is a real time saver for the clients we work with. Our website management services take care of everything. From promoting your site in directories or working on organically boosting your websites search engine optimisation, to writing blog posts, updates and simply uploading new products and carrying out routine admin tasks, our website management services handle everything.

You can set the tasks and the amount of hours a month you’d like us to work on the site or we can recommend the tasks we think would help your websites performance.

It’s not always about the front end of the website either. There are often new updates available depending on how your website is built. Without being looked after properly this can leave your website vulnerable to being hacked.

We offer simple website management services designed to suit your needs. Always with your customer in mind. So we don’t just perform the tasks, we really get to know your business and your products. This especially helps if we’re listing your products for sale or writing about your services on your website. We don’t work on a one size fits all basis. We work with you, to a budget you require.

From handbags and jewellery to garden fencing and decking, we’ve worked on a range of e-commerce websites providing these website management services.

This can also stretch in to work on third-party websites such as Ebay and Amazon. Listing products and looking after your business on these formats. We’ve acted as a consultant, helping businesses set up an Ebay store and begin selling online. We’ve also worked with retailers selling through other websites such as House of Fraser, ensuring items are photographed and listed in the correct way for sale.

You might need us to look after your website on a long term basis, or it may just be a short term staff cover. Our website management service is adaptable to suit you.

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From logo design to a fresh new concept. We ensure your brand works everywhere your customers will see it.


Our marketing expertise will help to identify exactly where you need to be showcasing your brand.

Website Design

Your customers are looking for you online. Our website design will ensure you make the right impression.

Copy Writing

Our expert copy writing skills ensure your website, brochures, blogs and press releases make perfect sense.

Design & Print

From flyer design to designing your full set of marketing materials, we design, print and can even arrange fully tracked, targeted distribution.

Website Management

We focus on keeping your website updated and effective, saving your time and resources to enable you to do what you do best.


Effective E-commerce photography and website photography that ensures your products stand out from your competitors and sell.

Social Media

From planning and implementing your social media strategy to keeping your audience updated. Our words get you noticed.

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