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The result of numerous internal debates followed by numerous cups of coffee, endless late nights and lot’s of hard work! 

If you’ve seen us gradually rolling out new branding across social media in the last few weeks, you probably knew what was coming…

We are delighted to unveil the final stages of this re-branding process – our new website!

Why the re-brand?

We’ve had this change in mind for some time. It’s actually been debated and deliberated for the last three years at least!

Our previous name ‘Entirely Art’ was devised at the very start of our journey, when the business had a slightly different focus.

Over the years, we’ve grown, establishing ourselves as an all round creative agency helping other businesses to grow.

The re-brand reflects who we are today. A home-grown, family focused business where every client matters.

So what does it mean for you?

In eight years of business, we’ve really honed our skills and added new talent, adding extra value to those services we provide.

From brand design to website design, copy writing to press releases, photography, website management, social media management and marketing support, our goal is to help you succeed in business.

We do this by giving you the benefits of an in-house creative team, freeing up your own time and resources to focus on the reason you went into business in the first place.


We are Your Partner in Business.

P.S The hard work on our own website is complete. (Well, until we add even more to it!) Now it’s over to you. We’d love to hear from you about your business and any challenges you’re facing. Send a quick message and I’ll personally get back to you for a chat 🙂

Ric Hopwood

Hopwood Creative


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